As one of Yelp’s highest-rated windshield installers in Mesa and beyond, we understand the importance of doing the job right the first time. Your vehicle’s windshield plays an integral role in your safety and convenience, and whether it’s severely cracked or fully broken, you need the best workmanship available as quickly as possible. That’s where we come in. At American Warrior Auto Glass, we are dedicated to helping you get back on the road in a safer, more secure vehicle through an expert windshield replacement. Veteran-built and founded on excellent values, we are on a mission to provide the very best auto glass installation services in Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, East Phoenix, and Tempe.

Windshield Replacement In Arizona

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services to our friends and neighbors in our communities. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you work with us.

We Do Things Differently

At American Warrior Auto Glass, we’re different from other windshield installers because we’re unrelenting when it comes to our experience and dedication to excellence.

Friendly, Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are professionally trained, experienced, and knowledgeable, so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the hands of qualified experts who have more than a decade of experience.

Accurate Estimates

We carefully craft our quotes for accuracy and comprehensiveness, and we will never add extra charges or hidden fees. We’re committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency because it’s very important to us that you feel confident and comfortable with our services.

Affordable, Precise Windshield Installations

We keep our prices affordable, we will happily work with your insurance company, and we only use the very best factory materials. If your vehicle has lane departure or defrosting systems integrated into the windshield, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and experience to install a new windshield, while making sure your vehicle’s integrated systems still work like new.

Additional Perks and Savings

As a full-service auto glass team, we proudly provide mobile windshield replacement and repair services, typically within 24 hours. Additionally, we proudly offer these additional savings:

    • 10% discount for in-shop services.
    • 15% discount for military personnel and first-responders. 

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Mistakes to Avoid with Damaged Windshields

We understand that some auto glass damage may seem insignificant when it first occurs, but making these mistakes could make the problem even worse. Here are a few mistakes you ought to avoid if your windshield is chipped, cracked, or worse.

Ignoring the Damage

While a small chip in your windshield may seem like a small issue at first, it can quickly become a much bigger problem. Ignoring the damages won’t repair the damage and it won’t just go away on its own. In fact, it will only get worse. 

Temperature and environmental fluctuations can cause that small chip to grow over time, and sometimes it can happen in an instant. You see, as a small chip grows into a crack, it can spider off in several directions across the length or height of your windshield. As this happens, the structural integrity of your windshield is compromised, leaving you and your passengers at risk of serious injury if your vehicle is impacted in a collision. Even something as small as a pebble that is kicked up into the windshield could trigger more damage. Moreover, large cracks in your auto glass can significantly obscure your vision while driving, which is another hazard for you, your passengers, and others on the road. If your windshield is damaged, give your trusted auto glass technician a call and we’ll get you fixed right up.

Attempting a DIY Repair

We live in a DIY age where we want to try to handle as much as we can on our own to save time and money. Unfortunately for all you DIYers, auto glass repairs are not something you should try on your own. Sure, there are plenty of DIY rock chip repair kits available, and an array of YouTube videos explaining how to repair your auto glass, but the truth is, attempting a DIY repair will generally cost you more time and money in the long run. Why, you ask? Check it out!

  • DIY repair kits contain inefficient, unbalanced repair tools that simply don’t cut it.
  • These kits also contain resins that won’t stand up to the harsh conditions your windshield faces every time it’s on the road. 
  • Repairing your auto glass on your own can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire day — is that really how you want to spend your Saturday?
  • If your repair goes awry, and more damage is incurred, your insurance carrier may not cover the repairs or the replacement it takes to fix it. 

To put it simply, auto glass repairs should always be left to the pros. In fact, you’ll actually save time and money with a professional windshield replacement because, in most cases, your insurance covers most repairs and replacements. What’s more, your local auto glass company has all the best tools, materials, glass, and equipment at their disposal to quickly and efficiently fix your auto glass. Better yet, if you can’t come to us, explore our free mobile auto glass repairs where we’ll make it stress-free and convenient by coming to you! 

Driving Through Construction Zones

There’s always some kind of road construction project taking place in Mesa, Phoenix, and beyond, which makes it hard to avoid driving through these zones. Use your handy smartphone to find a speedy route so you can avoid driving through construction zones that are littered with all types of road debris. Vehicles in front of you will kick up rocks that can shoot right into your windshield, causing more chips or cracks to form. Finding alternate routes could save your windshield from incurring more damage if it’s already chipped or cracked.

Connect with Our Team

When you turn to us for a windshield replacement or any of our auto glass services, you can feel confident in knowing your vehicle is in the hands of qualified experts who genuinely care about your safety. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your vehicle will get nothing less than world-class care. We’re dependable, efficient, and will return your vehicle back to you as soon as possible, many times within 24 hours. Click the link to request a quote or to schedule an appointment, and discover for yourself why American Warrior Auto Glass is recognized as a Top Rated Local® business, proudly serving Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, East Phoenix, and Tempe.